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Welcome to this site! This site is totally dedicated to the posting of the latest, newest and hottest tracks out there! There are so many different GREAT tracks/music out there in the world. Many artists out there are producing great tracks and producing amazing songs. There are not many platforms out there to address this issue in the music producer’s world – for myself being a music producer, a EDM (Progressive House, Big room House, a bit of Funky House, Aggressive House, Hard-style, Vocal House, a little bit of Trance also) focused producer mainly – with my amazingly talented EDM music production friend ~ Gio Nailati — this site is trying to address the issue of finding a platform for which an artist can post a Bio of himself/herself, talk about himself/herself being a producer, a DJ, and even both – which is the common trend now-a-days in the EDM Scene/the EDM World.

It is only right for my first posting to be about my great friend and my partner for many different tracks that we have Remixed and had made Original Produductions – EDM (Electronic Dance Music) based/ genera’ed (if thats even a word!, lol). So here it goes, here is some information about DJ/Producer Gio Nailati ~ formally known as DJ Italian SenSation!

P.S. As keeping with the Format of this Blog/Website . . . the most current tracks/new singles of the Artist that is being highlighed will be posted in the ‘Posting’, with some information about the track from both the artist and by the blog poster – in this case . . . me! Hope you enjoy and spread the word – – – – – –

– – – – ATTENTION!!::: If you are a DJ / a Producer, shoot me an email to be featured in this blog/website, I would be glad to write you up a posting with your music, your Bio and highlight your newest track(s)!

Artist Name:



  • Genre: House, Big Room House, Electro, Trap, Hardstyle, Hardcore
  • Biography of the EDM Dj & Producer Gio Nailati: Gio Nailati (formally known as DJ Italian SenSation), is an international DJ/Producer/Audio Engineer who exploded onto the EDM scene in 2008. While he is only 25 years old, Gio Nailati has sold out clubs and festivals across the U.S… and produced some massive EDM tracks. Gio Nailati’s remixes “Starkilla”, and “Feel like dying” (released in 2007), reached over 2 million plays on myspace in it’s prime, and his first EP release “Fuck all you haters”, instantly hit the number 1 spot on Harkee record’s top 100.
    Gio Nailati has been influenced by an eclectic range of artists, from the dirty sounds of Afrojack, Swedish House Mafia, DJ Chuckie, Martin Garrix, Bassjackers, Tiesto & Knife Party, to the banging beats of DJ Caffeine, Headhunterz, DJ Luna, DJ Isaac, & Showtek. Gio Nailati is known for delivering fast pace, exciting, diverse performances…blending genres ranging from Big Room House and Electro, to dubstep and trap, all the way to Hardstyle and Hardcore. He produces music for DJs and dance floors alike that is interesting enough to crossover from the clubs to your MP3 player.
  • Latest Track: Christina Perri – Human (Gio Nailati & Chris Soko REMIX)


  • Facebook LINK: https://www.facebook.com/gionailati

>> Christina Perri – Human (Gio Nailati and Chris Soko Hard Dance Remix) FT. Mendez<<
New April 2015
Download the full extended mix FREE here:


  • Lyrics:

    I can hold my breath
    I can bite my tongue
    I can stay awake for days
    If that’s what you want
    Be your number one

    I can fake a smile
    I can force a laugh
    I can dance and play the part
    If that’s what you ask
    Give you all I am

    I can do it
    I can do it
    I can do it

    But I’m only human
    And I bleed when I fall down
    I’m only human
    And I crash and I break down
    Your words in my head, knives in my heart
    You build me up and then I fall apart
    ‘Cause I’m only human

    I can turn it on
    Be a good machine
    I can hold the weight of worlds
    If that’s what you need
    Be your everything

    I can do it
    I can do it
    I’ll get through it

    But I’m only human
    And I bleed when I fall down
    I’m only human
    And I crash and I break down
    Your words in my head, knives in my heart
    You build me up and then I fall apart
    ‘Cause I’m only human

    I’m only human
    I’m only human
    Just a little human

    I can take so much
    ‘Til I’ve had enough

    ‘Cause I’m only human
    And I bleed when I fall down
    I’m only human
    And I crash and I break down
    Your words in my head, knives in my heart
    You build me up and then I fall apart
    ‘Cause I’m only human

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    General Social Media Links for Gio Nailati aka DJ Italian SenSation:
    //OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://gionailati.com
    //YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/gionailatiTV
    //SOUNDCLOUD: http://soundcloud.com/gionailati
    //FACEBOOK: http://facebook.com/gionailati
    //GOOGLE+: http://plus.google.com/+gionailatiTV
    //TWITTER: http://twitter.com/gio_nailati
    //INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/gio_nailati
    //REVERB NATION: http://reverbnation.com/gionailati
    //MYSPACE: http://myspace.com/djitaliansensation

The La2NYC Times.com Website is here! WELCOME!

The La2Nyc Times Logo image - Entertainment News, Gossip & Updates! // www.La2NYCTimes.com

The La2Nyc Times Logo image - Entertainment News, Gossip & Updates! THE URL: http://www.La2NYCTimes.com

Visit this great website for all your Entertainment News, Gossip & Updates! >> www.TheLa2NYCTimes.com   or their blog @ la2nycentertainmentnews.wordpress.com

StumbleUpon Responds To Concerns About Links & Iframing

Great article found on SearchEngineLand.com ~ thought i’d share!


On Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012, we published an article discussing some changes StumbleUpon made during their recent redesign which removed source links from their content pages and forced all users to view content from the site through an iframed toolbar, which they could not close if they were logged in.

One of the things I have always really loved about StumbleUpon is that unlike many social communities, they listen to their users and always try to move the site forward based on user feedback and testing.

After publishing the story, StumbleUpon reached out to me in an effort to explain the changes and to show that they were not just casual decisions they implemented without thought.

I was joined by Mike Mayzel (Director of Communications), Marc Leibowitz (VP of Business Development and Marketing), and Xian Ke (Senior Product Manager), who took the time to understand where I was coming from, listen to suggestions, and give detailed explanations on why the changes where made.

Why Remove Source Links From Info Pages?

Interestingly, only about 1/3 of all StumbleUpon users have the toolbar or some sort of addon installed, while the majority of users have neither and depend on the StumbleBar to keep showing them fresh content.

During testing and user feedback sessions, many users expressed concern that when they clicked on the links from StumbleUpon Info Pages, they were not getting the experience they expected from the site.

They wanted to have the StumbleUpon toolbar and options, so that they could rate the content, comment, and continue viewing other pages in the system. When they found themselves on the source’s site, they were forced to back into StumbleUpon to continue the experience.

“The current implementation was designed to mitigate user confusion about clicking to third party links from StumbleUpon.com (i.e. will they or won’t they be able to continue Stumbling from the pages they clicked on via the web StumbleBar).” 

During the conversation, we discussed some potential solutions and the importance of having source links. The team indicated that they will be “working on adding in direct links that refer back to the source content in a way that minimizes user confusion.”


iFraming Source Content Without An Easy Way To Close The StumbleBar

Again, with the clear number of people who use the iframed toolbar on StumbleUpon (based on StumbleUpons figures), it seems a valid point that they need some way to allow the majority of their users the ability to participate in the site and iframing the content with their toolbar seems like the only option outside of requiring the toolbar be installed in their browser.

As for not allowing people to exit the StumbleBar use, they seem to have a pretty good reason for that as well.

“Under the prior implementation, signed in users accidentally clicked on the X after which there is no way to return back to StumbleUpon.com and resume Stumbling. As a result, we updated the StumbleBar to minimize accidental closures by signed in users. Users can still sign out via the gears menu. As has always been the case, non signed in users can exit the web StumbleBar by clicking the X.”

Some interesting options were discussed, including an option to potentially hide the StumbleBar and also “providing the source link (underlying url) in one of the second level menus (e.g. share, comments or gears).”

The team at StumbleUpon made it very clear in the conversation that they had spent a considerable amount of time listening to user feedback before making the changes. They were also very clear that this is the first version of the changes, and that they would continue to review user feedback, test, and make tweaks as needed.

Do you have an opinion on the changes or thoughts on how they could improve on the current implementation? Please add your comments below, as StumbleUpon definitely reads them and takes them into consideration.

Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.

Double Shot Posting! – B2B; Preparing For A New Era of B2B SEO & B2B SEO: 4 Quick Tips To Make Your Content Model Fresh // Two (2) Great B2B Search Engine Marketing Articles from Brad. Including the RQR SEO Model Image.

Welcome to A Double Shot Posting! Two (2) Articles on B2B [Business to Business] SEO. Some Tips and Tricks Including a How-To Guide to prepare for the New Era of B2B SEO! So get a fresh brew of some coffee, get a nice stretch & sit down and prepare to read two amazing articles on B2B ~ (Business to Business) Articles written by Brad Neelan from SearchEngineLand.com ! This article also includes the RQR  SEO Model Image, twords the bottom of the Posting. The RQR SEO Model Image, in short stands for :  Process to Weight Recency, Quality and Relevance in Search and can be found talked about in greater detail in the section in Article #2 (as defined below to what Article #2 is) titled : “Creating a RQR Model for B2B search”.

** you may press cntl +”f” (on any windows computer) OR command +”f” (on any Apple, Mac, iMac..etc) toFind‘ ~ thus using the ‘f’ button, to quickly find the section that talks about the RQR Model for use with Business to Business [B2B] in relation to Search Engine Optimization [SEO] ~ RQR Model for B2B SEO. **

Great! , so by this part of the article I have gotten enough of your attention to let you know about what exactly you will be reading about in these  2 (two) aricles by Mr. Brad Neelan from SearchEngineLand.com. These two articles have a direct focus on B2B, Business to Business Search Engine Marketing to which the articles are relatively new / ‘fresh’ ! Unfortunately Brad is not apart of  the NJ Search Engine Optimization blog site, so I have decided to post his articles on this site for all of my readers to enjoy the vast and very informative information that Brad has to share. I did read both articles that are posted below, so for any questions that you might have, or even comments on these articles – I will be more than happy to respond. I have re-posted these articles to my blog site because of the growing requests of having more pots about a focused (more business to business) marketing articles and tips. These two articles are just the start ~ the ‘appetizer’ you may call it, to my future postings on articles with the specific focus on businesses and how to market that business to other businesses (.  . . b2b) as well as how to really communicate with other businesses online AND even ways to barter with other companies and businesses online that will help out any businesses bottom line & increase business (aka sales) for both . . well. . businesses! So stay tuned and subscribe to be the first to read and comment on this, as well as the future articles relating to B2B; Business to Business Search Marketing ( B2B SEO ) and everything inbetween + all around in the wild, huge, fast-paced world of the world wide web search engine optimization ; aka THE NJ SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION { SEO } WORLD! . . hosted on WordPress! 😉

Still with me? Great! , so lets begin with the first article by Mr. Neelan :

1.) Article # 1: B2B; Preparing For A New Era of B2B SEO 

2.) Article #2: B2B SEO: 4 Quick Tips To Make Your Content Model Fresh

Before we begin with the Article #1, below is some info – a quick short Bio, to which seems to be written by Mr Neelan himself (which is also taken from SerachEngineland.com – found on the actual article posting page) : 


> > About Brad: Brad Neelan is a successful digital media and marketing professional with cross channel digital expertise. Brad has successfully consulted clients across a number of verticals and industries including B2B, B2C, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Travel, and Media & Publishing clients. See more articles by Brad Neelan. ALL of the following text, statements, images and even expressions & statements are not in noway property of NJ Search Engine Optimization hosted on WordPress.com I do not claim any rights to this article & images. Enjoy the great Articles by Brad Neelan! Well, i do not want to get in trouble, so I have to  post those few sentences making sure you ~ and everyone else that reads this posting that I have not , nor did anyone associated with NJ Search Engine Optimization did anything that was stated above. . . and on the bottom of this posting. 🙂


So  .  .  .  . Are You Still With Me? I sure hope so since you are reading this sentence. Great! so lets begin with the first article by Mr. Neelan, Article #1 of the Double Shot Article Posting of B2B SEO ! Enjoy!


Article #1:

Preparing For A New Era Of B2B SEO

The end of the year is always a time for reflection on all of the work and effort of the previous 12 months. There has been a lot of talk in 2011 about the end of SEO as we know it. But the reality is that there will always be a need for strategy when it comes to search engine positioning and capturing audience demand.

Why B2B SEO Strategy Matters

It is true that what represents exceptional SEO work has definitely changed in form and function from even just a few years ago. Many of us can recall the days of sculpting webpages to gain ranking through on-page techniques.

But as we move into 2012 and beyond, quality SEO is about having your marketing assets findable when customers are searching across the dimensions of the pre, present, and future stages of the purchase cycle.

To achieve this, B2B marketers need to have a solid SEO strategy. And while it will vary from company to company based on goals and objectives, in general, it should be grounded in relevance, and be designed to persevere through the ever changing SERP landscape in 2012 and beyond.

Establishing A B2B SEO Relevance Strategy

The manner and approach of being relevant to your customer will vary based on your business goals.

For example, in some cases it’s based on a thorough comparison of possible service vendors and in others, it’s about being top of mind through thought leadership. No matter the ultimate customer path, SEO remains the practice of being found and selected in algorithmic results when a search is underway.

In the era of universal search, the search engines have expanded the galaxy of assets that can be rendered in the SERPs to include videos, images and PDF among others. Add to this the fulcrum of recency and geo location and what you get is a dynamic marketplace where only the most advanced approaches will succeed.

With this in mind, your B2B SEO campaign will need to focus on consideration during the customer journey and the approaches that will generate results in the current SEO environment.

The art and science of getting these assets found remains important, but increasingly the strategy will need to also focus on the information, the iteration, and the inspiration to win in the evolving channel called SEO.

The Information: Your Current & Future Content Strategy

At the core of what we as B2B marketers promise in organic results is relevant content to answer the intent of a query.

When we do this well, we are rewarded with greater rankings and increased traffic by the search engines. But it is important to remember that what customers are all looking for when a search is performed is information. In some form or fashion, we type keywords and find the information/content to answer our query.

In order to be found and rendered in the SERPs moving forward the value, relevance, and timeliness of your content is of paramount importance.  This is becoming even more critical as Google rolls out important updates to its algorithm to ensure that fresh content is being served.

As a B2B marketer, thinking about how to position the right information to the right audience is mission critical in order to succeed in SEO moving forward.

A clear graphical representaion of Business to Business Framework related to Business to Business Search Engine Marketing.

Business to Business (B2B) Search Engine Marketing Framework Chart

The Iteration: The Device That Renders The Information

We are living in an era where the device is just as critical as search query fulfillment.

How so? People are constantly connected to the Web via their desktops, laptops, smartphones, e-Readers, or tablets.

In order to reach them, marketers need to factor-in these different computing formats as they pertain to SEO. An effective B2B SEO strategy will ensure that information is properly served on each of these types of devices.

In 2012, it will be particularly important to adjust SEO efforts to accommodate tablet devices as they become more and more ubiquitous. I have seen them springing-up more and more at every business meeting;  it will only be a matter of time until tablet optimization is a best practice.

Until then, there is a market opportunity to gain share through optimizing and serving relevant content based on the device experience and user demographics.

The Inspiration: The Ability Of The Message To Create Social Input

Once we have created the right content, rendered it successfully across channels and devices, we need to ensure that our information is worthy of being shared.

Developing quality content is the most certain way to achieve this; however in a competitive arena, the advantage goes to those whose message inspires and compels people to share.

But I’m not talking about “wonder of the moment” spectacles that exist to provide short term boosts. Rather, I’m talking about the share-ability of a message and the ability of that message to foster future interaction.

As SEO evolves, share-ability and other social signals will be a major factor in how the search engines calculate relevance.  Not only can it be scored methodologically in an algorithm, but more importantly, it also represents market demand.

B2B marketers should strive to develop information that is findable and able to inspire a like, a +1, a comment, or some other tip of the hat that says, yes, this is the type of information that I am interested in consuming.

As we approach another year in our ever changing search realm, think of how your campaign can provide information to your customers, be iterated to them when and where they in market, and inspire them to action and social sharing.

Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.



A great informative Article, wasn’t it? Now onto Article #2, if you have ran out of your coffee that I have told you to make before you had started to read the first article, Article #1 . . . . I suggest you make yourself another cup of your finest coffee and sip on the coffee while you read the second Article. I do find it very helpful in retaining the information while sipping on a warm caffeinated beverage (such as the coffee that was suggested) – as well as it is very relaxing to sip and read a great article : Article #2! ! 🙂 , Enjoy !



B2B SEO: 4 Quick Tips To Make Your Content Model Fresh

Thanksgiving! There is nothing like the taste of fresh turkey when it’s hot out of the oven. However, the leftovers quickly lose their appeal after sitting in the fridge for a few days. Given Google’s Freshness update, B2B content could suffer the same fate.

The Change At Hand

The “Freshness” update is Google’s latest algorithm change that took place on November 3rdand has the search world in a stir. In a nutshell, Freshness is an expansion by Google in its efforts to provide relevance when query intent matches a topic that is time sensitive.

But will the change have much of an effect? In a word, yes. It is expected to affect 35% of searches, and with some of the implications to the SERP page and results, this is major shift that marketers need to take into account.

Taking Action

Considering the above, B2B marketers should take a serious look at their search strategy to ensure the update hasn’t caused them to lose position or miss-out on the opportunity to gain market share.

One immediate opportunity is the use of RSS feeds to populate the freshlinks. This will return more relevant insight to the end user on time sensitive topics, and also affects organic performance by pushing competitive results down in the SERP.

Creating An RQR Model For B2B Search

B2B marketers also might want to tap into something that direct response marketers have been using for years: an RFM model (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value).

In the direct response realm, the term Recency refers to the amount of time that has passed since a customer engaged with a brand, and it represents one of the most important metrics to monitor. Given the Freshness update, Recency should now be a key element in B2B search strategy.

To make the model work, B2B marketers should adjust it with search positioning in mind – perhaps something like RQR (Recency, Quality, and Relevance). Whatever you call it, the point is that Recency should be a driving force in your B2B strategy going forward. Why?

Besides the fact that relevant content is king (more so now than ever), keep in mind that the B2B sales funnel is changing; it is becoming a more diffuse process where customers are lengthening the buying cycle and often spend considerable time researching business cases before making a purchase decision.

In other words, they are doing their homework! That means you need to continually adjust your content to ensure it serves your audience. It must help them understand your offerings based on their needs, provide them with useful information about the benefits they would derive, and educate them on the critical topics that are bringing them to the marketplace.

4 Steps To Keep Your Content Fresh & Relevant

Below are four steps to create a search-centric RQR SEO model.

Figure 1. Process to Weight Recency, Quality and Relevance in Search

1.  Create Targets and “Look-alikes” 

The first step is to understand why customers are in need of your service, and how they tend to behave. With some simple Q&A, you can begin to build targets for your content based on what you know prospects seek in the buying process.

In turn, you can then leverage paid search to test creative and understand the topics which most resonant with your customers. These learnings will help you build effective target personas.

2.  Take Stock

Once you know the “who” of your approach, you need to focus on the “what.”  That means taking inventory of your digital assets. You need to gain an understanding of what content, if any, your customers and prospects use to help them make purchase decisions.

What are the topics that are on their radar today, and how does your value proposition apply to these topics? But make sure your assessment is rigorous, and doesn’t overlook material that has “atrophied,” and no longer speaks to the needs of your audience. This step will help you see what you truly have to work with, and help you identify where content gaps exist.

3.  Create Or Expand Your Content Strategy

Now it’s time to dive into the channels that offer the quickest wins (based on your research). For many B2B marketers, this will most likely include a blog, RSS feed, and press release optimization.

But it also might include videos, user generated content, peer reviews, and analyst relations optimization. Once you have finalized the channels you want to pursue, keep in mind that your content strategy also needs to take into consideration your brand’s equity, goals, competitor presence, and theme prioritization.

4.  Measure The Impact!

After engaging in a content strategy project, it can be difficult to understand how well the content is performing and how to improve your website’s performance.

One method is to create a content tracking analytics program to measure each theme’s content on a site. By factoring various KPI’s like reach, relevance, and conversion metrics, you can determine how each category of content is performing.

Come the Monday after Thanksgiving, when you’ve already grown weary of the holiday’s leftovers, think about your search strategy and whether or not it is still fresh. Now it’s more important than ever to make changes to it so your content stays current and relevant. After all, your audience doesn’t want to consume leftovers all year long.

Opinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.




Please feel free to comment and ask any questions that you might have via this Blog or via my personal email: soko.chris@gmail.com ! Be sure to subscribe by typing in your email on the left navigational bar for the latest updates on new article to help boost your rankings on Search Engines both Organically and Inorganically, as well as articles that involve the entire Search Engine Optimization / Internet Marketing Industry as shown above with the two (2) great articles written by a great author (Brad Neelan); with both of the articles having a focus on B2B Marketing – giving tips facts and useful information that will benefit many people and business, all while making the articles fun and enjoyable to read! I hope you had enjoyed these articles as much as I have enjoyed them. If I do not post anymore articles before the close of 2011, I would like to with you a very blessed and Happy Christmas, New Years as well as any other holiday that you may celebrate. && May the New Year (2012) bring joy and great successes and HIGH RANKINGS on Google.com, Yahoo.com, Bing.com and / or all / any other specific targeted Search Engine that you specifically choose to optimize organically as well as inorganically aka as the form of PPC campaign internet search marketing! I send all of these positive and true hearted thoughts from myself, chris sokolowski & the rest of the team here at NJ Search Engine Optimization Blog inlcuding East Coast Creative Solutions Group & the other independent authors and contributors to this Blog! See you again NEXT YEAR!



**The thoughts views and expressions written in the two articles, entitled : Article #1 & Article #2 are not written by any person from this blog, NJ Search Engine Optimization . wordpress . com. The text, expressions, images and views from both of the articles in this blog posting are owned by search engine land.com and all rights and credit is given to search engine land.com and its author of both articles: Brad Neelan. These articles were posted by the admin of this blog as a means to give the readers of this blog great articles to read from is directly related to the main focus of this blog – to which any person from this blog & this blog itself does not claim any part in the creation or editing of this article and its images. NJ Search Engine Optimization gives full credit to Search Engine Land.com & Brad Neelan for the two above articles : Article#1 & Article #2.**


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YOU Are Google’s Client. Understanding Organic & Inorganic SEO with Google in mind. Simple common, but yet important Information you must Read About!

Its true!, YOU Are Google’s Client. Understanding Organic & Inorganic SEO with Google in mind. Simple common, but yet important Information you must Read About!

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is to really understand the real fundamental building blocks of what goes into Optimizing for different Search Engines – and also understanding the basic aspects of the actual search engines in relation to their clients – You. Yes, to some this article is just common / basic knowledge – but sometimes even the most experienced and seasoned Organic and Inorganic Search Engine Optimizers; Seo’ers – can tend to forget this ‘simple’ and ‘basic’ knowledge which can really negatively backfire on their work.

By this point in time, almost everyone in the digital 2.0 era knows about Google.com – the powerhouse. Google.com is a search engine that provides information based on the query typed into their search box/ search space on their website. Once a search term -the keyword, is typed (and once the user clicks the ‘search’ button), the typed query( aka the search term) goes into the Google database and finds the most relevant information (websites) that match what you have typed in. Not all of the websites that list on your screen will be 100% relevant, but in the most part, whatever you type into the Google search box, you will get a pretty decent number of highly relevant websites based on your search.

You now have to ask yourself this question – if google.com had suddenly changed its algorithm and suddenly the websites that Google has come up for you to be relevant to what you searched was TOTALLY wrong and irrelevant – would you use their website again? Even though for over 10 years you have been using Google.com with no real problems based on relevance of search terms? To  most, the answer would be simple, almost a subconscious action of immediately going to another search engine website to proceed on with their search. This is really a prime example of how YOU are Google’s client. Every time you access the Google website, you are Google’s client / return client.

So what does this mean for the search engine optimizer? Being a Search Engine Optimizer, understanding this ‘basic’ information and really common info – should re-enforce or enforce the SEO’er to make sure that he/she is not only optimizing for Google. The SEO’ers real focus should be optimizing for all of the different spiders and bots to crawl into the site and gather up all the information to be indexed into the different servers of the different search engines of the world.  If an SEO’er optimizes for the search engine’s as a whole, rather than just zoning in on a specific search engine, such as Google – in my personal experiences and what I have seen, most of these optimizers lose their focus on the real ‘correct’ method of providing better visibility for their/ their client’s website. Focusing on just Google.com WILL get a website ranked highly for keywords and WILL provide a huge number of traffic to the website, but with the fast-pased and really unpredictable nature of the World Wide Web Websites & the expanding technologies – nobody really knows what the future will hold for ANY company – even to a monster powerhouse such as Google Inc.

This article is not a how-to, or even a article saying : You Must do this, or your website will not be ranked! , this article is simply my own thoughts on a issue that has been discussed with my peers in the Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Industry. It might seem as just a bunch of run-on ideas that just splattered onto the computer screen from my head, or it might seem to you, the reader – as words of genius! (to which I really highly doubt – lol). The real purpose of this article is really just a heads-up. So next time you sit down to optimize a website with your team, or by yourself – make sure to Optimize the website for the World Wide Web search engines – not only for the King of Search; Google.com.

That’s all for now!

-Chris Soko, NJ Search Engine Optimization – a northern new jersey seo ; search engine optimization industry expert wtih 7+ years of Organic and Inorganic Search Engine Optimiztaion (SEO) experience. This article is not a how to, but more of a general article sharing my thoughts of the current moment. Subscribe, Comment & Enjoy!

The Ripoff Report.com is NOT Banned on Google; despite being deleated from Google’s Index!

Article Draft Date: August 9th 2011; Article Category Tag: SEO News, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Breaking SEO News ; Article Short Tag: (shown on left side) 

The Ripoff Report is back once again on the google search results – and someone has some explaining to do . . .

By now, you probably have heard of the website : TheRipOffReport.com. If not, let me breifly explain what this website is all about, as taken from the official website : ” [ The RipOff Report is used to:]  Report any scam, fraud, complaint or review on any type of company, individual, service or product here. The Ripoff Report allows you a central place to enter complaints about companies or individuals who are fraudulent, scamming or ripping people off. Our reports cover every category imaginable! “ … and blah blah blah, it goes on.

Myself, I am not particularly a great supporter or even active visitor to the website. I do feel that the website has a great general idea to a great service they can provide to consumers from all over the world – but in my opinion, greater measures should be taken to screen and check both the individuals posting the comments/ review AND  the actual companies that were reviewed negatively by the consumers, BUT WAIT! Isn’t that what the BBB; Better Business Bureau is for? But regardless of my own views on the website, this article is interned to share the latest news about this website in relation to Google.
On August 9th, 2011 – Jeff Quipp Tweeted about his website ( Rip Off Report.com ) not being indexed anymore on Google.com. By typing ” site:ripoffreport.com”, you were shown the typical 404 page that google shows when they do not have anything AT ALL of a website on their servers. The only logical view to how this can happen with a site as big as RipOffReport (that has over 500K – 500,000 indexed Links on the major Search Engines like Google [back when it was shown in the search results!], Bing, and Yahoo.com), can experience something of this magnitude happening for its exposure on the #1 Search Engine in the World, Google.com; Google INC. – is that someone specifically and intentionally had deleted, or even suspended the website to be searched by anyone using the Google.com website! OR maybe it was Matt Cutts, or Larry Page! (Just joking! These two individuals would never waste their time on a site such as the ripoff report! :] ). Whether my thoughts of this being done on purpose or even this being done by accident by Google or by the ripoff report .com is a question to be looked more into depth with.
According from a Google spokesperson,
The owner of this site delegated access in our webmaster console to multiple email accounts, and one of those email accounts submitted a URL removal request for the site. We’ve emailed the site owner to check whether the site removal was an intended action, or whether the removal was a mistake.”  

As Search Engine Land.com reports on this topic, “Bing continues to show about 500,000 pages indexed from Ripoff Report.” As mentioned above, Google always had indexed Rip Off Report.com with no problems. Google.com had almost the same amount of indexed pages as Bing.com for the Rip Off Report. The only difference is that only search engine that did not display any links of Ripoff Report was : Google.com. Shocking? It might not be as shocking as you might think.
There were Two Postscripts reported on Search Engine Land.com. The first being from an attorney representing Ripoff Report that had contacted Search Engine Land.com, & the second Postscript is from Ed Magedson of Rip Off Report .com. Here are their responses to Search Engine Land’s front page article:
Postscript, 10:00 pm PST: An attorney representing Ripoff Report contacted us via email tonight with this response to our article:
Ripoff Report did not intentionally request Google to delist the website, and we are still investigating what occured ).
Postscript #2: Ed Magedson of Ripoff Report has confirmed to Search Engine land that one of his company’s employees accidentally caused the company to be removed from Google’s index temporarily. Here’s the full statement he sent us:

Hello everyone, this is Ed Magedson, Editor and founder of Ripoff Report,
Yesterday, I nearly had a heart attack when I learned that Ripoff Report was not being listed on Google search results.

It was an “in your face” reminder that sites like Ripoff Report depend on Google to survive. Of course, I was worried that it was the end of Ripoff Report. While I would love to sell the website someday, I sure don’t want it to vanish. I didn’t know it when I started the industry 15 years ago, but review sites are the voice of the people and have changed the way business is done today. Sure, there are copycat sites out there — some of them literally copied our content to get their start. But Ripoff Report is not just the original, it is the only review site that I know of that doesn’t cave to bullying by businesses who want to hide negative information and that protects anonymous authors.
Plus, if Ripoff Report were gone, what would happen to the “reputation management” companies whose business model is hiding the truth by pushing Ripoff Reports down on the search engine rankings? They would lose the ability to charge ridiculously high rates to companies who don’t want to use our fair arbitration program or join our CAP program because it would require them to improve their customer service and provide refunds. How would they feed their children?!

Anyway, all these “what if’s” went away when we learned what really happened. A big “thank you” to Matt McGee, who has much better connections to people at Google than I do. Based on the explanation from Google that Matt posted, we were able to figure out what occurred.”

It turns out that one of the tech people hit the wrong button. I still don’t completely understand the technical explanation for happened. What I do understand is that it is fixed. Ripoffreport.com is back on the Google index, defending consumers and freedom of speech on the Internet as vigorously as ever.

And finally, as Karun Verma reports in the comments below, Ripoff Report is back in Google’s index now.


Bing has just apologized on Twitter for a tweet earlier today that many viewed as a way to gain exposure in the name of raising money for victim’s of Friday’s earthquake in Japan.

Search EngineBing Aplogizing about Tweet about Japan.

Original Tweet by Search Engine Giant, Bing - apologizing and stating they have donated $100,000; $100K.

The apology reads as follows: We apologize the tweet was negatively perceived. Intent was to provide an easy way for people to help Japan. We have donated $100K.

The apology comes about seven hours after the controversial tweet in which Bing promised to donate $1 to quake relief for every retweet, up to a maximum $100,000 donation.

Here’s the text of that tweet:

How you can #SupportJapan – http://binged.it/fEh7iT. For every retweet, @bing will give $1 to Japan quake victims, up to $100K.

Twitter users reacted loudly and swiftly to Bing’s original tweet, using all kinds of four-letter words that aren’t suitable for re-printing here and accusing Bing of turning the tragedy in Japan into a marketing opportunity.

It’s not unlike the Kenneth Cole Twitter mistake in early February, in which the retailer tweeted a link to its spring collection and tied it to the “uproar” that was happening in Eqypt. Kenneth Cole eventually deleted the offending tweet from its stream. To Bing’s credit perhaps, it hasn’t (yet) deleted its tweet today.


Market Awareness & Enhanced Brand Image for your Online Marketing Plan- the perfect couple!

Nj Search Engine Optimization Blog Posting Topic (Abstract) :

This Blog Posting Can be found in: Seo News and Articles | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) |  General Marketing for Your Online Business

Discusses the points in the blog posting on NJ Search Engine Optimization WordPress Blog.
Two Part Very Informational & Informative Blog posting!

The two part blog posting will cover the topic of Market Awareness & Enhanced Brand Image in correlation with SEO; while the second part of the posting will discuss the direct benefits of having multiple Press Releases with the newly created/updated web pages with the discussed Market Awareness issues incorporated. The last section of the posting will emphasize the importance of having unique and content rich pages for the website as a whole. Pointing out this essential part (discussed in almost every blog posting that I have written) of the Search Engine Optimization of, really, every website – will again emphasize to the reader of my posting that when I say “Content is King”, I really do mean that great quality and uniqueness of the content on each page of your companies website will serve to be the KING and will give your website that edge over your competitors.

Note ! ! :: Before Reading this Blog posting – Market Awareness & Enhanced Brand Image, If you are new to this blog website::: I, Chris Sokolowski frequently juggle from talking/typing in the first person to the third person as a personal (non-business related) Experimental project/study that I have personally been conducting (for my own behalf as explained above with non-business related) to find the correlation of “the concentration of an individual” (with the participant noticing the textual switch from first to third person) to “the focus of that same individual retaining the information given in the posting, with the frequent switch of first to third person and visa-versea“. Also Note ! : If you are interested in this experiment/study that I am conducting on this blog site, please do send me a personal Email to be a participant! Thank you!

Market Awareness & Enhanced Brand Image – The perfect couple!

While creating or updating your companies website, having the correct Market Awareness in mind will help out with the growth of future and current clients – as well as help with Search Engine Optimization for the overall company website.

As you may have noticed, this blog posting is the first in a long while. The blog had been on hold for a few months – but now the blog is back, having more frequent postings!

Telling your business/companies story is what should be a secondary goal for every one of your companies websites. The truth of the matter really is that, websites are established to gather leads and drive sales – making the website really only existing ONLY to enhance brand image. An Enhanced Brand Image, or also slimed down to the Branding Image is defined as the imagry that is used that people associate your company to – an example of a branded image is both the Nike Logo of the ‘swoosh’ and the text of “just do it”. Both the physical branding image of the ‘swoosh’ and the text of “just do it” makes the common person associate Nike with those Enhanced Brand Images.

Branding of your company/product is essential - especially on your company website!

Branding of your company/product is essential - especially on your company website!

Let me explain this with an example. Company A, to which we will name this company: NJSEO Beverage Group Inc., sells a carbonated soft drinks – Sodas. On the NJSEO Beverage Group’s website, their are games that are designed for the younger demographic. Although these games do not have any connection what-so-ever to the sales of soda, what the game can do is create that brand image for the younger demographic; the children. The goal of that game on the website is to get those children, once they reach the store that sells their product to get their parents to purchase NJSEO Beverage Group products for their consumption. Creating the client loyalty by the means of using simple ideas, such as the game for the younger demographic is critical to ensure future client loyalty to the brand. Many low-priced consumer goods companies have Web Sites to raise awareness. The same can be said for entertainment websites for current and future movies, the like purpose is applied to the website(s).

While either updating your companies existing website, or creating a new website for a company – if you, have your company website designed/re-designed with the mindset of Market Awareness, you should take these points into consideration; emphasizing contests on the website, having interactive games on the website, surveys, question & answer sections on the website, or any other means of getting the visitors to the website to be ‘involved’, or to be more interactive on the website.

Tip :: While creating and uploading a game to your company website, be sure to incorporate a means for the visitor to the website to share the game on the Web. Sharing the game on the web gives the visitor to the site the option to email, embed the game on a social media platform such as Facebook (on the status update section or even wall posting section), and even post the game on their own website giving your company website the appropriate back link. This method of creating a game in order for the visitors to the website to re-post the game in many different websites is a common practice for link builders. It is essential that for if your company does decide to create something such as a game, the correct coding is done to the game so the back link is counted for. Adding in a few lines of code to the Java/Flash (both coding languages are not so good with SEO, but they are the most effective with game creation), will ensure the back link will be counted to your website.

A few quick facts about the Market Aware websites is that frankly, the site are more likely to be more “trendy” than sites with other purposes simply because they are great places to start a “buzz” about a product or the latest Soda from NJSEO Beverage Group. Inc.!  But also keep in mind that for your company website, the only way that people will be able to find information on the games, “buzz”, or any other product or service your company provides is by the Search Engine Crawlers/Spiders to scan and index your either newly created web pages/website or updated web pages/ website. The previous blog postings talk more about Search Engine Crawlers and Spiders, more postings in the future will also talk about this topic as well. But as another quick tip; Having Online Press Releases to the newly created features to your company website; such as a new interactive game being put to your website for the young children,  jam-packed with of fresh unique content to help the children’s parents, as well as the children on the website to create that Brand Image. The press release will help get the new sections of the website to be indexed (put on Google, Yahoo, Bing … etc.) on the search engines a lot quicker and effectively – all while gaining great back links to the website as well! Some of these Press Releases require payments for each release, but with every paid release the page you are ‘releasing’ to the web will be submitted to the major news agency websites (source of the press release service provided by (text continued below, right of image)PRWeb Logo Press Release Company  – PRWeb.com

Get with the Web 2.0 era, use Press Releases to your Benifit!

Get with the Web 2.0 era, use Press Releases to your Benifit!

Prweb.com/ – pricing ranges from $80 to $360 US Dollars per release). Their are some free press release websites as well, such as : Prlog.org  and Free-press-release.com . But I personally must admit, spending the extra capital for the Press Release to be CORRECTLY sent out, is well worth its return on investment in regards to the increase of traffic from the third party links, and ultimately the increase of leads (from people that visit my website learned by viewing my Press Release done by PRWeb — and NO, PRWeb did not pay any money to myself or my company to endorse their website. I simply am making a suggestion to my Internet blog audience of a website service that has benefited myself and my company).

The last point I would like to write about is the imprtance of creating original and very detailed content. My readers are not dumb – you know that on search engines all it takes if for a few clicks ; to copy and paste a sentence or two, and see exactly if the content on a website has been taken- or in better words “Stolen”. My readers are smart individuals and know not to do this! Copy and Pasting content from other websites really shows how lazy of an SEO guru, YOU really are. Take the time to write the content on your website, and correctly label, tag, and pick out keywords that directly match up with your content on that particular page of content. (Note, for more information about keyword density, how to know exactly how many times you must repeat the keyword in your content of the page to ensure the search engines to rank the landing page for the website – is discussed in the prior posting that can be found by clicking -> here <- [a shortlink was put in as the hyperlink text] or by viewing the site map page to find the direct page).

Repeating what I have typed out in prior postings, “Content is King!”. With Google stressing the importance of having the unique information rich text all over your website, it is a great hint into what the new update of the google algorhytm will be – hint: Google will trend to rank websites providing visitors of the websites with more user-friendly, original content baring text, wide array of specifically targeted text all having the same main writing topic (example having a website about antique cars and talking about different models of cars in multiple blog postings – still keeping the main focus of  antique cars while writing EACH blog posting), correct in-linking (my own term for having hyperlinks in your text linking that text to another page on your website, such as this link here (links you to the homepage of the blog site) & much more to which you must read the rest of my blog postings to find out! And PLEASE do not write your content with the pure intention of the Search Engines to Rank the site, for the simple fact that usually the content that is written with the author having the mindset of purly ranking on the Search Engines – like Google.com, will bore the visitor to the site reading the text and confuse the visitor. Let the information flow and once you do finish the content to the website, you may go back and pick locations and plug in the specific keywords and phrases that you intend to be ranked for. I will leave you with a short, simple but directly to the point quote about success, for every now and then one needs to read and anlyize text written by others to truly comprehend the meaning of certain words such as, ‘Success’. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”Herman Cain.


Please stay in touch and comment about this Blog Posting and others, I answer all postings!


– Resource/Source Sheet for information and facts mentioned in this blog post above can be found in ‘Search Marketing Inc.’ book, by two wonderful and very intelligent men; Mike Moran & Bill Hunt, to which I am great fans of their work in the Search Engine Optimization Industry/Field.


To contact me dirctly via email; please send your questions, comments or anything else to : soko.chris@gmail.com


Happy New Year – New Year for SEO!

Hello, and happy new year to all of you once again. With the new year – the First Posting of the New Year will be called: Get SEO’edGet SEO’ed

by chris sokolowski
Part 1.
Section 1.1 – SEO BASICS, Know what you are getting into!
SEO, if you are confused with this term, you shouldn’t be. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you have to look up what this term means after reading this passage above, that is a bad sign! It is really quite simple and really easy to remember. You; the aspiring top Search Engine Optimist should have the mentality to everything related to Search Engine Optimization. Having the mentality of confidence in knowing what you are doing will help with your successes in optimizing websites for traffic.

I wish I can say that there is one set method to optimizing a website to get more unique visitors to a website, but there is no formula to make that happen. Every website really needs to be tailored in order for the correct optimization for search engine visibility. But there are some golden rules that you can follow that do stay the same no matter what project you tackle for Search Engine Optimization. These golden rules are listed as follows:

Golden Rule Number 1: Know your target market and Research, Implement, Test, Update, and Repeat!
You may think this as RITUR. It might not make much sense for RITUR is not a word in the English dictionary; I find it helps myself remember better. For the R in research, I cannot tell you how vital research- in more specific, keyword research is. The research of a popular keyword is very….very….very important! Going on a gut instinct of what keywords are popular usually doesn’t work out too well. It is very simple to find out what people are searching in today’s day and age. Use the rise of technology to your benefit and you will reap the rewards! With tools offered -free from Google, there is really no excuse not to use the keyword research for your Search Engine Optimization project. If you are too lazy to look up what free tools you may use for the research of keywords at the end of this publication, I will give you the website: http://www.google.com/sktool/. Even most of my focus was about keyword research, doing research on a lot of different aspects ranging from your competitors (also known as a competitor analysis), industry target market and even the competing websites and rankings – that all will be discussed later on, is important in order to complete the first “R” in RITUR. Implement is simply as it reads. You must apply your research to your optimization of the website. Once you implement, guess what? You have now completed the “I”, congratulations! Lol. (Sorry, for I am in a sense forced to apply what I call – internet slang. The real reason for the internet slang is for one to quickly type out messages and typing out expressions that one may have, to which really cannot be typed – such as what I have typed above with “Lol”. Unless you are in front of my face as I am talking to you, how would you know that I would be chuckling after that sentence? You wouldn’t. And also for future reference, I would like the entire world to know, the internet slang term “lol” is really more of a chuckle compared to the idea of it being a laugh that is out loud. So please view my Lol’s to be more of polite chuckles, helping myself to believe that my jokes in this publication are actually funny!). Going on to the letter “T”, testing is as important as any letter in RITUR. Testing out your landing pages (definition of a landing page: A page to which a visitor arrives to by clicking on a link to get there. Once that link is clicked, the visitor will go to the landing page.) ….

Part 2 to come in future posts.

The Wordpress.com Official Tips for Bloging for 2011

First and foremost, Happy New Year to all of you!

The holidays make for a crazy time of year. You’re spending time with family, traveling, maybe enjoying some winter weather. All of this can help you create wonderful blog posts.

Here are a couple tips on how to let your blog shine as you head into the new year.

Blogging made easy

Press This is a great way to simplify your blogging experience. It lets you grab content from any blog post, article, website, or photo you find on the web. If you can you see it in your browser, you can use Press This to blog about it on WordPress.com!

It will automatically insert an image, quote, video, or link on any website directly into your blog post as well as include a link back to the source. No more having to copy and paste 5 different things. With Press This you can share great content quickly.

Drag the bookmarklet (the link that says “Press This”) from the Tools page of your WordPress.com Dashboard into your browser’s bookmarks bar to get started. This adds a handy link you can use to post content.

The next time you want to share a link, photo, or video on another site just press the bookmarklet. You’ll see a window pop up where you can add photos, video, and quotes straight from the site.

The two icons next to “Add:” let you choose which photos or videos on the page you want to insert into your post.

Combine all of that with the mobile options we featured last month and you can really blog from anywhere on the web or anywhere in the world.

Let your photos shine
After many lovely days spent with family during the holidays you probably have dozens (hundreds? thousands?!) of photos from trips, meals, adventures, and lovely winter weather. WordPress.com makes it easy to showcase these right on your blog.

Using our built-in photo galleries or slideshows you can share the best moments from the holidays. Here’s a few from my trip to Yosemite National Park in the winter a few years ago.


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